Earn More with NEW Master Playbook Actions & Updates!

Throughout the yearlong SP Challenge, the Master Playbook is occasionally revised to add clarification to existing actions, list new or emerging sustainability resources, and even to add new actions.  The 2018 Master Playbook version 3 is now available, and includes eleven NEW actions, worth up to 104 points in total! Now is your organization’s chance to score more points during the final quarter of the competition.

In the newly-released Master Playbook, new actions and any edits are highlighted in bold, italicized aqua blue textenabling participants to see what has changed at a glance.  New resources under Useful Links are bolded and italicized hyperlinks.

NEW SP Challenge Actions:

  • Q37: Include sustainability practices as part of new employee on-boarding (5 points)
  • Q38: Make salaries transparent to all employees (2 to 8 points)
  • Q39: Complete the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management Wage & Benefit Survey (5 points)
  • Q40: Ensure that employees can vote on election day (5 to 12 points)
  • EA37: Present at or attend a sustainability-related conference (1 to 15 points)
  • EA38: Have the SP Challenge team conduct a site visit at your organization (3 points)
  • EN40: Install/use a programmable thermostat (5 points)
  • W27: Conduct a lead test (5 points)
  • MM34: Communicate with janitorial staff about waste management practices (5 points)
  • A34: Retrofit diesel vehicles to reduce emissions and particle pollution (2 to 21 points)
  • U13: Engage students in on-campus advocacy (4 to 20 points)

To see a full list of new and edited actions, view the Master Playbook.



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