Sprint Challenge: From Nov. 2 – Nov. 16 Screen an Environmental Film & Earn 5 Bonus Points


Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge participants and K-12 schools can screen an environmental film or documentary to earn 5 bonus points between November 2 – November 16! Screening an environmental film can be an effective way to raise awareness about sustainability issues with students or employees.

Participants in the yearlong Challenge will submit:

  • EA35: Screen an environmental documentary or film.

Participants in the K-12 Challenge will submit:

  • PLG9: Choose a sustainability-themed movie, clip, or video for downtime.

Suggested environmental films:

  • Planet Earth (BBC Documentary series narrated by Sir David Attenborough)
  • FernGully (20th Century Fox cartoon dealing with themes of deforestation)
  • Chasing Coral (ocean-themed climate change documentary)
  • Under the Dome (Chai Jing discusses raising her child under China’s heavy pollution)

View more environmental film suggestions in the yearlong Master Playbook or the K-12 Master Playbook


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