Sprint Challenge! Take the Transportation Survey and Earn Bonus Points Between Jan. 4 – Jan. 18

Participants have the chance to earn 5 bonus points for taking the transportation survey and submitting action T4: Claim points for existing alternative commuters. 

If your organization did not distribute the transportation survey at the beginning of the competition, you can still receive points for this action by encouraging employees to take the survey this time around.

Many of your employees may already be commuting in sustainable ways. Make sure their sustainable choices are documented and rewarded in the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge by encouraging everyone to take the transportation survey. Your organization will receive points for employees’ sustainable commutes. Find the survey at spchallenge.org under “For Participants.” Participants will submit:

  • SP Challenge staff will tabulate your points for this action based on the results of your commuter survey.

View the Master Playbook for examples and additional resources.


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