Who Is Eligible to Participate?


All businesses, nonprofits, colleges/universities, K-12 schools, and municipalities with operations in Southwestern Pennsylvania are invited to participate in the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge.

In order to be eligible to compete, you must:

Operate in at least one building within Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Complete actions in at least one of the seven resource areas outlined in the competition Master Playbook:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Materials Management (Waste)
  • Transportation
  • Air Quality
  • Engagement
  • Social Equity

Competition Divisions

Business and nonprofit organizations will compete in one of four divisions determined by total number of employees — Micro (fewer than 10 employees); Small (fewer than 75 employees); Medium (fewer than 499 employees); or Large (500+ employees). Municipalities will compete in separate divisions determined by number of residents.  Colleges and Universities are assigned to a competitive division of their own, as are K-12 schools.

Upon completion of the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge, a winner will be announced for each competitive division. All competitors will also be recognized based on the points they earned over the course of the competition.

Earn Ribbons

Introduced during the previous Challenge, ribbons give every participant an opportunity to earn recognition.  Participating organizations can earn achievement ribbons for completing a threshold of actions in each category.  For example, organizations that concentrate their efforts in energy reduction might earn a white, red or blue ribbon in Energy, based on those efforts.  Every organization is eligible for ribbons, regardless of their standing in the competition.  Each ribbon is worth 25 points, which can give organizations a competitive edge, as well.

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