People's Choice Award Finalists

The winner of the 2018 People's Choice Award was announced during the SP Challenge Finale and Awards Celebration, along with Top-Scorers, Top-Reducers, and overall outcomes of the Challenge.

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The People's Choice Award will recognize one organization for its innovative or inspiring sustainability solutions, initiatives, or actions. For our inaugural year, we highlighted four examples of initiatives that have taken sustainability beyond the walls of a single organization to engage with fellow participants and community members. Congratulations, nominees!


...and the winner is: 

Etna Borough! 

Etna was nominated for its in-depth sustainability survey that was used to assess residents’ knowledge about sustainability and how often they include the principles in their daily activities. The survey, modeled after action EA22 in the Master Playbook, was taken by a number of Etna Borough staff and made available for all Etna residents in the quarterly newsletter. It was also presented at an EcoDistricts community meeting. The survey results will be used to aid the planning stage of the EcoDistricts Certification to make the biggest positive impact in residents’ lives. It also shows what the community wants to prioritize. So engaging!

an image of a survey question asking how often people do certain sustainable activities


You can see the other nominees for the 2018 People's Choice Award below.


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  • Allegheny County

    Allegheny County has engaged with the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge since it was first launched in 2011. During the 2018 Challenge, Allegheny County willingly took on four mentees for the Challenge! They shared expertise with four other organizations: North Sewickley Township, Borough of Etna, ALCOSAN, and Pennsylvania Resources Council. While the full impact of Allegheny County's mentorship will not be known until after the 2018 Challenge ends, Etna Borough is leading its competitive division, and has scored the second highest score so far of any municipality. ALCOSAN is also leading its division. Impressive!
  • Allegheny County Airport Authority

    Allegheny County Airport Authority

    "Getting Ready for Takeoff" is an initiative by the Allegheny County Airport Authority to bring in students from historically disadvantaged areas and introduce them to airport-related careers. Students receive a tour and are encouraged to investigate their career options. This is a critical step to broadening the pool of recruitment and creating a more diverse workforce. It's also fun for the kids who attend! See the press release here.
  • Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

    Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

    The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank hosted a private ROCIS cohort for its staff members. ROCIS, which stands for Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces, is a project offering free air quality monitoring kits to homes and offices. The data collected by ROCIS is then used to inform decision-making by regional policy makers and community leaders. The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank went far above and beyond the minimum requirements of the ROCIS-related SP Challenge actions, which simply require that employers encourage participation in the public cohorts - and to verify that at least one employee did so. In this case, ROCIS air quality monitoring was conducted both in the office and in employees' homes. Twelve staff members participated in ROCIS cohort 33. Amazing!