EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge encourages participants to use EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to track and measure progress, and to earn points in the Waste, Energy, and Water action categories. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is a free platform that allows organizations to measure:

  • Energy use
  • Water use
  • Waste output and diversion from landfill

How-to Guides and Learning Resources

Using Portfolio Manager enables your organization to identify trends and track positive progress in energy, water and waste reduction. Organizations participating in the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge can earn points for entering data, sharing data with Sustainable Pittsburgh, and keeping data up-to-date throughout the competition. Sustainable Pittsburgh awards additional points for achieving measurable progress in any of these three sustainability performance areas, as measured with the Portfolio Manager tool. The Challenge team has compiled a list of resources to help your organization get started:

Demonstration Videos

Set up a Property in Portfolio Manager

Set up Energy, Water and Waste Meters in Portfolio Manager

How to Share Properties in Portfolio Manager

(To share your data with Sustainable Pittsburgh, simply search "Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge")

Building Knowledge with ENERGY STAR: Energy Use Intensity & Weather Normalized Energy Use Intensity

How-to Guides

EPA Portfolio Manager Quick Start Guide for Energy and Water

EPA Portfolio Manager: How to Enter Data (Energy, Water and Waste)

How to Enter and Manage Tenant Spaces in Portfolio Manager (Energy, Water and Waste)

How to Share Portfolio Manager Data (Share Properties)

(To share your data with Sustainable Pittsburgh, simply search "Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge" at step 1.3)

Live Webinars

The EPA holds regularly scheduled live webinars, including "Ask the Expert" and "Portfolio Manager 101" which can help Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge participants maximize the benefits of the program.  Check out the full webinar schedule, and sign up for free!  Find a convenient list of recommended upcoming events below:

1-9-19 Ask the Expert

1-9-19 Portfolio Manager 101

1-16-19 Portfolio Manager 201

1-23-19 Ask the Expert

1-23-19 Portfolio Manager 301

1-30-19 Best Practices for Benchmarking your Building

Additional Energy Star Portfolio Manager Resources

A complete list of training resources can be found HERE.  Learn how to maximize the benefits of the system, including robust reporting capabilities and earning ENERGY STAR certification.

Tenant Resources

Does your organization occupy a building owned by another entity? Visit the ENERGY STAR Tenants' page for resources and information about the new ENERGY STAR recognition program for tenants.

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