Sign up for the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge is a friendly, yearlong competition for businesses, nonprofits, universities, K-12 schools, and municipalities in southwestern Pennsylvania to track and measure improvements in energy, water, waste, transportation and other sustainability activities. Participation gives employers access to tools, information, and guidance to help reduce costs, improve performance, and increase long-term sustainability. 

Formerly known as the Green Workplace Challenge, the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge began in 2011. Since the first competition, more than 250 competitors saved over $10 million in energy costs alone. Be part of the growing cohort of employers that are building the region's reputation for environmental transformation and sustainability. Sign up by January 31, 2018 to compete!  There is no cost to join and participate.

Go Further in 2018

This year, Sustainable Pittsburgh encourages participating organizations to take sustainability performance further. New and revised actions, awards and workshops will guide participants through the yearlong program, maximizing each organization's opportunity for recognition. Participants may also schedule one-on-one consultations with the SP Challenge team to develop a winning strategy.  The program is FREE to join, and consultations are provided at no cost.  Semi-monthly workshops are available for a nominal attendance fee.

On January 1, 2018, the SP Challenge will launch its 5th year-long competition. Sign up by January 31, 2018 to ensure your organization is represented!

Competition Start: January 1, 2018

Sign-up Deadline: January 31, 2018

Competition End: January 31, 2019

Compete. Save. Win.

Nearly any type of organization in Southwestern Pennsylvania is eligible to participate. Organizations can choose to participate as a Competitor or as a Self-Performer. Competitors are placed in divisions based on organization size and type to ensure that the competition is fair, and to enable participants to benchmark progress in comparison with similar organizations in the region. Self-Performers, on the other hand, may submit actions, receive verification, and earn achievement ribbons, but are not placed in competitive divisions. To sign up as a non-competitive Self-Performer, simply check the box on the sign-up form next to the text, "My organization would like to participate, but not compete against others."

Who is Participating?

More than 70 organizations have chosen to compete, save and win through the 2018 Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge!  View the list of participating organizations here.

Every Action Makes a Difference

Every action adds up to big impact. Organizations pursuing sustainability goals will find a customizable road map in the SP Challenge Master Playbook, which breaks sustainability into its smallest actionable parts, or "actions". By signing up, we simply ask your organization to commit to submitting at least one action during the program. The SP Challenge team is always happy to help identify which action(s) best fit your organization's goals. Contact us for more details.