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The Green Workplace Challenge has just wrapped up its fourth year-long competition, and will be now known as the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge.  Since 2011, more than 250 organizations completed over 7,000 sustainable actions.  Collectively, participants have saved enough energy to power more than 11,000 average U.S. homes for one year, resulting in a cumulative cost savings of more than $10 million.  Check out the video below to see GWC 4.0 participants speak to the value they derived from participating in the program, and learn more about their sustainability initatives!

Congratulations, GWC 4.0 Awardees!

The 2016-2017 Green Workplace Challenge had more participating organizations than ever before!  More than 90 organizations completed 2,009 measurable and verifiable actions.  Point-earning actions ranged from establishing compost and recycling programs in the workplace to switching inefficient light bulbs to more efficient types.  Collectively, GWC participants' actions resulted in:

  • Energy savings of more than 16 million kWh, enough to power every owner-occupied home in the 15219 zip code for a year
  • Water savings of over 33 million gallons, enough to cover the playing surface of PNC Park to a depth of 46.3 feet
  • Avoidance of commuter-related CO2 emissions by an estimated 552 metric tons through sustainable commute choices

Special thanks to Barbara Moore, Co-Materials Coordinator at the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse for award designs!

GWC16 17 Top Scorers


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