Sprint Challenge: Utilizing Mentorship for Maximum Savings

Now through March 30, earn one bonus point when you enter a mentorship with action EA4: Mentor or be mentored by another organization in the SP Challenge.

The SP Challenge encourages mentorship as a means to learn from your fellow competitors. Mentors can be a helpful guide through the initial steps in participating in the Challenge, and can aid in creating your organization's sustainability strategy.

Mentors can educate newcomers with knowledge from their own experiences and help Mentees get started. Working together can ensure each organization maximizes point-earning opportunities throughout the Challenge. Mentors can earn up to 20 points, with mentees receiving up to 15. Meet quarterly to develop at least 10 actionable recommendations. Your sprint bonus point will be awarded once the action is approved at the end of the competition.

If you would like to set up a potential mentorship, email the SP Challenge Team at challenge@sustainablepittsburgh.org.


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